NoahTheNephilim 5

NoahTheNephilim (1 sett. fa)
My Lord for your promises, for your glory, come and give honor to your Word: Grant me how much. you started, because: you told me through dreams. Come to complete: saving your work: it’s my life and that in my family, bringing blessings to others. Show Lord Your power and presence: and let: credino all in you: your existence, for this: that: you allow yourself to me,

indeed: thou hast already given me, and that: the Holy Spirit: that: I accept in my life: always walk with me hand in hand with me, Your Lordship’s constant praise. amen

NoahTheNephilim (1 sett. fa)
Satellite Hotbird 6
Posizione 13° est
Frequenza 11.565 Mhz
F.E.C. (Forward Error Connecting) 3/4
Polarizzazione Orizzontale
Symbol Rate 27,5 Ms/S
Sul display appare la sigla TBN ITALIA
NoahTheNephilim (1 sett. fa)
@Masons, university professors – you’ve turned science into an ideology of religion of evolutionism: a monstrous scientistic religion: I will imprison you all, and I condemn all of you to return all salaries of the state that you have stolen!

@massoni; professori universitari — voi avete trasformato la scienza in una ideologia: in una mostruosa religione scientista: io vi imprigionerò: e io condannerò tutti voi: a restituire tutti gli stipendi che voi avete rubato allo Stato!

neoContraVo (1 sett. fa)
NoahTheNephilim (1 sett. fa)
@ To all peoples – This Is The hallmark: of the reign of UNIUS Rei: for His kingdom: Because His ministry is: an ministry politic and theology!! for the rationality of metaphysics or natural law! then: no criminal, or, no murderess: Can Remain without His condemnation, but: will run out for will end of die! That is my faith Destroys? He die! is end for racism and for all lies! We No Longer Need to make a killing: of American Citizens (Such as the 11-09) to say That in Iran, there are: nuclear weapons. but: we must tell the truth: “all Muslims deserve to be exterminated!”. Because: Sharia is big threat to the survival of mankind. Why: every person who dies? He has the right to know, the reason for His death! that’s: why: I’m on this youtube page! Because: I do not want to kill: people in secret! 
Ovviamente: sono per lo più dei falsi: cioè dei fotomontaggi: poiché: i reperti fossili ed archeologici originali sono stati occultati!


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