shariah criminal genocide is led

Soon you also, will be finished too soon! ] i uninstalled an INTEL program and the computer did not stop locking, and of course we would think that: INTEL works with NWO: how are they forced to work all: youtube facebook, google, etc ..! And this is not the case: CIA 666 UK: they stopped locking my computer just to laugh against INTEL.

At this point: I would like to say to these Satanists: “I’ve been here for 10 years, and how many months have you been put asked from Bush 666 Kerry as bullies against me?” In which sulfuric acid bin, or how did they die, all the guys who have followed me in these 10 years? Soon you also, will be finished too soon!



ho disinstallato un programma della INTEL e il computer non si è bloccato più, ed ovviamente, noi saremmo portati a pensare che: è la INTEL che lavora con il NWO: come sono costretti a lavorare tutti: youtube facebook, google ecc..! ed invece non è così: CIA 666 UK: hanno smesso di bloccare il mio computer soltanto per ridere alle spalle della INTEL.

a questo punto: io vorrei dire a questi satanisti: “io sono quì da 10 anni, e voi da quanti mesi, voi siete stati messi da Bush 666 Kerry come bulli contro di me?” in quale bidone di acido solforico, o come sono morti, tutti i ragazzi che mi hanno seguito in questi 10 anni?

presto sarete terminati anche voi!




(The owners of our monetary sovereignty) The Pharisees of the Anglo-American LGBTI Satanist Masons (the masters of our monetary sovereignty), and their allies: Saudi Salahites Wahhabiti Shariah: They will end up choking all the human race! But the Almighty JHWH has created me, as an inexpressible impregnable fortress against every supernatural evil malefic demonic power Elisabetta UK queen! Farisei massoni satanisti LGBTI anglo-americani (i padroni della nostra sovranità monetaria), e loro alleati: salafiti sauditi wahhabiti shariah: finiranno per soffocare a morte tutto il genere umano! ma JHWH Onnipotente mi ha creato come una fortezza inespugnabile contro ogni male malefico di tipo soprannaturale!

2Shadow2 said: Perhaps Irwin Cory (was an American stand-up comic, film actor and activist, often billed as The World’s Foremost Authority) could understand what you just said but he is not with us anymore. Perhaps a little less illustration and a little more direct wording might help. I get some of it but the rest is over my head and I would like to remedy that.
2Shadow2 ha detto: Forse Irwin Cory (often billed as The World’s Foremost Authority, Spesso fatturati come l’Autorità Suprema del Mondo ) potrebbe capire quello che hai appena detto, ma non è più con noi. Forse un po ‘meno illustrazione e un po’ più diretta formulazione potrebbe aiutare. Lo prendo, ma il resto è sopra la mia testa e vorrei rimediarlo.
The fact that you PAY your MONEY, 270% of its Value (scientist Giacinto auriti) then, is THIS, THAT YOU LEAVE laugh?
And then, do you think you can see the third nuclear world war: sitting comfortably in front of your home TV?
IL FATTO CHE, tu PAGHI il tuo DENARO, il 270% del suo VALORE (scienziato Giacinto auriti) poi, è QUESTO, che, TI FA RIDERE?
e poi, credi tu di poter vedere la terza guerra mondiale nucleare stando comodamente seduto davanti al televisore di casa tua?

TerrorIsEvil said: You keep posting the same thing. Does it have any meaning in any language (or perhaps has meaning just to you) or is it complete nonsense and spam?
Continui a pubblicare la stessa cosa. Ha un significato in qualsiasi lingua (o forse ha un significato solo per te) o è piena di sciocchezze e spam?
[[ ANSWER ] ANSWER ]] IF THAT I WRITE about: scientist professor Auriti Giacinto: high Constitutional treason: banking seigniorage, etc .., FOR YOU DO NOT REQUIRE TO KNOW? WHEN YOU LOVE THAT?
then ANGLO-AMERICANS and their Saudi Wahhabi Shariah, they have already killed you! And why do you think something unprofessional, unworthy, dishonest, against your brother Unius REI, who he is full of love for you? ) SE QUELLO CHE IO SCRIVO about: scienziato giacinto Auriti: alto tradimento Costituzionale: banking seigniorage, ecc.. , PER TE NON RIESCE ad AVERE un SIGNIFICATO? ALLORA VUOL DIRE CHE FARISEI ANGLO-AMERICANI e loro sauditi wahhabiti shariah, loro ti hanno già ammazzato! e perché tu pensi qualcosa di sconveniente, indegno, disonorevole, contro un tuo fratello che è pieno di amore per te? ) The Pharisees of the Anglo-American LGBTI Satanist Masons (the masters of our monetary sovereignty), and their allies: Saudi Salahites Wahhabiti Shariah: They will end up choking all the human race! But the Almighty JHWH has created me, as an inexpressible impregnable fortress against every supernatural evil malefic demonic power Elisabetta UK queen!

im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah • Netanyahu, sentenced to death for shariah terrorist attacker? In relation to Nazi Islamic Palestinians: Mecca Kaaba, who killed 3 Israelis on July 21? You can do it, but I think it’s okay to bring all these criminals to Syria with a one-way ticket for Mogherini Renzi, Bonino, Dalema Bilderberg and Boldrini so let’s see if they wake up!

Netanyahu, pena morte per attentatore terrorista shariah? Nei confronti palestinese islamico nazista che il 21 luglio uccise 3 israeliani? si si può fare, ma, io ritengo che bisogna fare una retata e bisogna portare tutti questi criminali in Siria con un biglietto di sola andata per Mogherini Renzi, Bonino, Dalema Bilderberg e Boldrini, così vediamo se si svegliano!
David Abraham im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah • D’accordo ma guarda che Bilderberg non e mica una persona! E una organizzazione di cui fa parte il 90% dei “big boss” di oggi (sin dalla creazione negli anni ’50).

im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah to: David Abraham • Yes, my friend: you are right! But, there are few who think, that: such a huge FMI NWO CIA NATO shariah UK services, City London FED: Satellite TV network, the Masonic pyramid with a lucifer eye, could actually To be as an organization as an esoteric, supernatural and living symbiotic organism, by themselves VELTRONI, called “Entity”, and it is composed of who knows who, of the inhabitants of hell, all friends of Gezabele Elizabeth queen and Salman king Saudi Wahhabite!

si, amico mio: tu hai ragione!, ma, sono pochi quelli che pensano, che: una così gigantesca SpA FMI NWO CIA NATO UK services, City London FED: network satellite Tv, la piramide massonica con occhio di lucifero, in realtà potrebbe essere una organizzazione come un organismo simbioticoesoterico, soprannaturale e vivente, da loro stessi VELTRONI, chiamato Entità, ed esso è composto da chissà chi degli abitanti dell’inferno, tutti gli amici di Gezabele Elisabetta e Salman il Saudita wahhabita!


A “vicious” knife attack that left one dead and six wounded in the north German city Hamburg Friday was motivated by “hate”, mayor Olaf Scholz said, although he stopped short of declaring it a terrorist incident. “I am outraged by the vicious attack that killed at least one Hamburger today,” he said.
The suspected killer is a failed asylum seeker whose deportation had been blocked because he lacked identity papers, Scholz added.
“It makes me especially angry that the perpetrator appears to be a person who claimed protection in Germany and then turned his hate against us,” he said.
Scholz’s comments partially confirmed media reports that the attacker, who police have said is a 26-year-old man born in the United Arab Emirates, had arrived in Germany as an asylum-seeker.
The center-left politician also thanked bystanders who used improvised weapons to subdue and capture the man immediately after his rampage in a supermarket.
“The citizens who bravely helped to capture the perpetrator have my highest respect,” Scholz said. “When our city is threatened in its way of life and its freedom, it shows all of its strength and solidarity.”
Police said they were unable to immediately determine the motive behind the attack and were “continuing to investigate every possibility.”
Citing security sources, Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel reported that the 26-year-old perpetrator was known to police as an Islamist. News agency DPA reported that security authorities were investigating evidence the man had Salafist ties.
Around 1310 GMT, the attacker stabbed to death a 50-year-old man believed to be a German citizen.
Police said that he “struck out wildly” at others, wounding five more in the supermarket, a 50-year-old woman and four men aged 19, 56, 57 and 64.
Another 35-year-old man was hurt while overpowering the attacker in the street alongside other passers-by shortly after the killing.
All of the wounded were being treated or operated on in hospital, some of them for serious injuries, police said.
Screenshot from a report in Germany’s Bild showing the suspected attacker who killed at least one person in a stabbing attack in a Hamburg supermarket on July 28, 2017.
A police murder unit and a specialist politically-motivated crime squad are investigating the attack and were able to secure the suspected murder weapon.
German daily Bild published a picture of the attacker in the back of a police car with a white, blood-soaked bag over his head, and reported that he cried “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) during the attack.
“Suddenly I saw a man smeared with blood running along the other side of the road with a knife,” an eyewitness identified as Ralf W. told Bild. “He shouted out ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he was running.”
A female witness standing in line at the supermarket till also told NTV rolling news channel that “as he was running out… he held up his arms and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’.”
Improvised weapons
“I thought I was in a horror movie, I thought he would kill me,” an unnamed woman who had been in the supermarket told rolling news channel NTV.
She said she feared she would die, as she was “queueing for the till and couldn’t get away.”
The suspect fled the supermarket after the attack.
But “people were running after him with improvised weapons, chairs and sticks… they ran after him into a side street,” Ralf W. told Bild.
“People chased after the killer with chairs, they were throwing them at him,” bakery worker Shaylin Roettmer told DPA.
Police investigator work at the area around a supermarket in the northern German city of Hamburg, where a man killed one person and wounded several others in a knife attack, on July 28, 2017. The witnesses slightly injured the attacker while they were overpowering him, before handing him over to police.
Police blocked off the lively and diverse high street dotted with cafes and shops in the northeast of the port city, Germany’s second largest and host of the G20 summit of world leaders in early July.
Anti-terror officers armed with automatic weapons patrolled the scene and onlookers gathered behind strips of red-and-white police tape.
High alert
While the attacker’s motives remain unknown, Germany has been on high alert about the threat of a jihadist attack, especially since last December’s truck rampage through a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people, including an Israeli woman.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the carnage in which a Tunisian rejected asylum seeker and ex-convict, Anis Amri, 24, ploughed the stolen truck through a crowd.
It was Germany’s deadliest attack by an Islamist militant, but not the first.
In 2016, the IS group also claimed a suicide bomb attack in the southern city of Ansbach which wounded 15 victims, and an Afghan man’s axe rampage on a train in Bavaria that hurt five, before the perpetrator was shot dead by police.
Public fears about more extremist violence have grown amid Germany’s mass influx of refugees and migrants, mostly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as several African countries.
More than one million asylum seekers have arrived in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s borders in 2015.
Germany’s domestic intelligence service estimates there are about 10,000 radical Islamists in the country, including 1,600 who are considered potentially violent.
In one case of a homegrown attacker, a German teenager identified as 16-year-old Safia S. was in January sentenced to six years of juvenile detention for stabbing a police officer in 2016 “to support the Islamic State group”.
Authorities were also investigating an IS claim of the stabbing death of a teenage boy in Hamburg last October.
The 16-year-old boy was fatally wounded in the knife assault on the banks of the Alster river but a 15-year-old girl who was with him escaped unharmed after the attacker shoved her into the water.
Germany is a target for jihadist groups, particularly because of its reconnaissance and refuelling missions to support the coalition fighting IS in Iraq and Syria, and because it has deployed troops in Afghanistan since 2001.


im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah Jerusalem Messiah Mahdì Yerushalayim Kingdom TO Retired Jewish Doctor to • take the needle out of your arm…2 [ ANSWER ] Retired Jewish Doctor, ie: accomplice EllyR ie, accomplice Marvin • Do you know this about yourself, because, this is the troll 666 Morgan scam banking seigniorage, Terror Is Evil identity, THAT the CIA NWO NATO FED IMF 666 Bilderberg Regime shariah Saudi has given you? • dici questo di te stesso, perché questa è la identità troll che la Cia ti ha dato? I am in the Mossad protection program from 10 years! io sono nel programma di protezione del Mossad da 10 anni! Because FOR many rabbis have said that I may be THE Messiah
perché molti rabbini hanno detto che io potrei essere il Messiah
im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah TerrorIsEvil • TerrorIsEvil ] HOW DO YOU, to READ an article, which has been tagged as spam 13 hours ago, and which should be invisible to everyone, you to answer it, 12 hours ago? So items that are invisible to everyone can be seen by you!

TerrorIsEvil ] COME FAI TU A rispondere ad un articolo, che è stato contrassegnato come spam 13 ore fa, e che dovrebbe essere invisibile a tutti, a rispondere 12 ore fa? quindi gli articoli che sono invisibili a tutti possono essere visibili per te!
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as the ARAB LEaGue, to driving: Saudi Arabia Salafi wahhabis, as islamists, have stabbed behind all: human race! Pakistani Religious Schools: Kamikaze Training Camp. In Pakistani schools, children read: in state books, which is right to help Christians become martyrs! Unfortunately, however, all of our politicians are all Enlightened Masons and Pharisees.
Uno dei problemi più grossi è la riabilitazione dei ragazzi
plagiati. Nel paese sono assenti centri di cura e di supporto
psicologico per i ragazzi danneggiati dalla propaganda islamista. Molti
ragazzi al raggiungimento della maggiore età finiscono in galera o
vengono reclutati nei gruppi di terroristi.”


As the ARAB shariah law: genocide dhimmis kafir murdis LEAGUE criminal company akbar 666 Allah owl, to driving: by Saudi Arabia, The Salafi wahhabis, as Islamists shariah genocide, have stabbed behind all: human race! Pakistani Religious Schools: Kamikaze Training Camp. In Pakistan, children read: in state books, which is right to help Christians become martyrs! Unfortunately, however, all of our politicians are all Enlightened Masons and Pharisees Bilderberg regime: all our enemy.
One of the biggest problems is the rehabilitation of the boys
brainwashed. There are no care and support centers in the country
Psychological for children who are damaged by Islamist propaganda. Many
Boys at the age of majority end up in jail or
Are recruited into terrorist groups. ”
Unfortunately though, all of our politicians are all Enlightened Masons and Pharisees in Pakistani schools, children read: in the books of the state, which is right to help Christians become martyrs!
Like the ARABY LEGA, driving: Saudi Salafi, as he stabbed behind him: human race! Pakistani Religious Schools: Kamikaze Training Camp? The Afghanistan Council of Ministers held a special meeting for the involvement of some Afghan students in the “kamikaze schools” in Pakistan. The opportunity to examine the matter came after a police operation, during which the sending of 25 children in the Kamikaze training camps in Pakistan was refused. Human traffickers wanted to send children abroad with the excuse to give them a religious education in the town of Quetta. It was established that they were children aged 6 to 14, most of them orphans.
Sputnik interviewed eyewitnesses who stated that Pakistani religious schools are real kamikaze training camps. This is possible because there is no real education program in Afghanistan and there are many illegal madrasas recruiting young people in the ranks of terrorists in the territory of Pakistan.
Hadidzhe Asghar, a resident of Quetta, said in an interview with Sputnik that all schools in the region are under the control of the Saudis. In schools, extremism and jihadism are being promoted, here are the future fighters of the “Taliban”.
Another religious-related interviewer who prefers to remain anonymous stated that this is a special project organized by the British and their allies with Pakistani secret services and Pakistani Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. In schools, children are “plagued,” promised to paradise if they go to war against Afghan government’s unfaithful government, photos of places bombed by American aviation, showing off martyrdom in the fight against the guilty.
Homa Alizoy, a lawyer and a judge for minors, told Sputnik who is doing this and how to counter this:
“Many poor families decide to send their children to free Pakistani madrasas with the hope that children can be fed and receive good education. Saudis play a major role in this operation. Children are often raped and sent directly to these children schools.
Most schools are located in Peshawar. To counter this problem, the Afghan government must not only adopt legislative measures, but it must also increase the education budget and build more schools in the country. To this must actively participate in the Organization of the Haji and pilgrimage.


im Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah • 13 hours ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by

as the ARAB LEaGue, to driving: Saudi Arabia Salafi wahhabis, as islamists, have stabbed behind all: human race! Pakistani Religious Schools: Kamikaze Training Camp. In Pakistani schools, children read: in state books, which is right to help Christians become martyrs! Unfortunately, however, all of our politicians are all Enlightened Masons and Pharisees.
Uno dei problemi più grossi è la riabilitazione dei ragazzi
plagiati. Nel paese sono assenti centri di cura e di supporto
psicologico per i ragazzi danneggiati dalla propaganda islamista. Molti
ragazzi al raggiungimento della maggiore età finiscono in galera o
vengono reclutati nei gruppi di terroristi.”
purtroppo però, tutti i nostri politici sono tutti massoni e farisei Enlightened nelle scuole Pakistane i bambini leggono: nei libri dello Stato, che è giusto aiutare i cristiani a diventare martiri!
come la LEGA ARABA, a guida: Saudita salafita, come ha pugnalato alle spalle: il genere umano! Le scuole religiose pakistane: campo di addestramento per kamikaze? Il consiglio dei ministri dell’Afghanistan ha condotto una riunione speciale per il coinvolgimento di alcuni studenti afghani nelle “scuole per kamikaze” in Pakistan. L’occasione per l’esame della questione si è presentata dopo una operazione di polizia nel corso della quale è stato scongiurato l’invio di 25 minori nei campi di addestramento per kamikaze in Pakistan. I trafficanti di umani volevano inviare dei bambini all’estero con la scusa di dar loro una educazione religiosa nella città di Quetta. È stato stabilito che erano bambini da 6 a 14 anni, la maggior parte di loro orfani.
Sputnik ha intervistato dei testimoni oculari, i quali hanno dichiarato che le scuole religiose pakistane sono dei veri e propri campi di addestramento di kamikaze. Questo è possibile perché in Afghanistan è assente un vero e proprio programma d’istruzione e ci sono molte madrasse illegali che reclutano i giovani nelle fila dei terroristi nel territorio del Pakistan.
Hadidzhe Asghar, abitante di Quetta, nell’intervista con Sputnik ha dichiarato che tutte le scuole nella regione sono sotto il controllo dei sauditi. Nelle scuole viene propagandato l’estremismo e il jihadismo, proprio qui vengono addestrati i futuri combattenti dei “Talebani”.
Un altro intervistato appartenente alla sfera religiosa che preferisce restare nell’anonimato, ha dichiarato che questo è un progetto speciale organizzato dagli inglesi e i loro alleati con i servizi segreti pakistani e l’ex presidente pakistano Pervez Musharraf. Nelle scuole i bambini vengono “plagiati”, gli viene promesso il paradiso se andranno in guerra contro il governo infedele dell’Afghanistan, gli vengono mostrate le foto dei luoghi bombardati dall’aviazione americana, incitando al martirio nella lotta contro i colpevoli.
Homa Alizoy, avvocato e giudice per i minori, ha detto a Sputnik a chi conviene questa operazione, e come contrastarla:
“Molte famiglie povere decidono di inviare i propri bambini nelle madrasse pakistane gratuite con la speranza che i bambini possano essere nutriti e possano ricevere una buona educazione. I sauditi ricoprono un grosso ruolo in questa operazione. Spesso i bambini vengono direttamente rapiti e inviati in queste scuole.
La maggior parte delle scuole si trovano a Peshawar. Per contrastare il problema il governo afghano non deve solamente adottare delle misure legislative ma deve anche aumentare il budget dell’istruzione e costruire più scuole nel paese. A questo deve partecipare attivamente l’Organizzazione dell’Haji e del pellegrinaggio.

Unfortunately this could be a valid reason to declare war on Russia and China, ie if they do not actively cooperate in the destruction of Kim Jong-un 29.07.2017) The US Department of State stated that responsibility for the North Korean threat lies with Russia and China.
“Being the main contributors to the North Korean nuclear and missile program, China and Russia have a great responsibility for the growing threat,” said a statement by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson published on the State Department website.

purtroppo questo potrebbe essere un valido motivo per dichiarare guerra a Russia e Cina, cioè se loro non collaboreranno attivamente nella distruzione di Kim Jong-un 29.07.2017) Il Dipartimento di Stato americano ha dichiarato che la responsabilità per la minaccia nordcoreana grava su Russia e Cina.
“Essendo i principali collaboratori del programma nucleare e missilistico nordcoreano, la Cina e la Russia hanno una grande responsabilità per la crescente minaccia,” — si afferma in una dichiarazione del segretario di Stato Rex Tillerson pubblicata sul sito web del Dipartimento di Stato.



Cina e Russia sono costretti a liquidare Kim Jong-un da soli se non vogliono vedere la NATO entrare in Korea del North

Jerusalem Messiah Mahdì Yerushalayim Kingdom to [[ Jordan’s very small King Abdullah II of Jordan]] if you are right, with your martyrs murtids dhimmis christian? Then, all the human race is wrong, and deserves to receive the shariah Islamic genocide! [But, this is the truth, you are not doing anything to treat your Nazi shariah disease because, with the yur ARAB League: you threaten to massacre continually: Israel and the whole human race … you are accumulating gunpowder, In your store, while around you: the whole forest burns! I know that you are a very small King, and that Erdogan can make itpenis more longer and harder, that you, so even if you were the white sheep of the damned family of Muhammad? You can not do anything to escape from the death of the Wahhabites (your part of NWO of the Enlightened Allah owl club) death that they have designed for you!
Jordan’s king Abdullah II of Jordan thanks Trump for US role in tempering Temple Mount crisis ] se voi siete giusti, con i vostri murtids dhimmis cristiani martiri? poi, tutto il genere umano è sbagliato, e merita di ricevere il genocidio islamico shariah! [ ma, è questa la verità, tu non stai facendo nulla per curare la tua nazista malattia shariah, perché, con la LEGA ARABA: tu minacci di strage continuamente : Israele e tutto il genere umano… tu stai accumulando polvere da sparo, nel tuo deposito, mentre intorno a te: tutta la foresta brucia! io so che tu sei un King molto piccolo e che Erdogan lo può lungo e più duro, quindi anche se tu fossi la pecora bianca della famiglia maledetta di Maometto? tu non puoi fare nulla per scappare dalla morte che i wahhabiti ( la vostra parte di NWO del club Enlightened Allah owl ), che loro hanno progettato per te!

ALL THE ARAB SHARE LEAGUE IRAN and any shariah Nazi and criminal genocide is led by the Saudi Wahhabites who are CIA agents? No, they are themselves: Lucifer’s eyes: at higher level: Masonic pyramid NWO SPA FED FMI, Saudi wahhabis are Enlightened like Rochefeller ecc.. of the NWO masters: masters 666 themselves! I do not know now how you can kneel to a god Allah who has become the owl, but this is not my problem! Now Saudi Arabs and all the ARABAL WITNESS to Mecca Kaaba cult, in their wickedness of their heart, they think that this moment of anarchy UE relativism, the moral dissolution Destruction of Western civilization, of Dawin Gender LGBTI perversions pornotroiadoppiafica, is a really favorable moment: to Islamize Europe and Africa! Why: do you think the number of muslims, can take control of NWO: and can win: in a collision with artificial intelligence robots? No no, instead! The end of the Christian Jewish West: it will be the end of ISLAM and the end of all humanity: too!

Jordan’s very small King Abdullah II of Jordan ] tutta la LEGA ARABA shariah genocidio nazista e criminale è guidata dai Sauditi Wahhabiti che sono agenti della CIA? no, sono essi stessi: occhi di Lucifero: livello più alto: piramide massonica NWO SPA FED FMI, sauditi sono Enlightened del NWO: essi stessi! io non so adesso come tu ti puoi inginocchiare ad un Allah che è diventato il gufo, ma questo non è un mio problema! adesso Sauditi e tutta la LEGA ARABA, nella malvagità del loro cuore, loro pensano che questo momento di relativismo anarchia, dissoluzione morale perversioni Dawin Gender LGBTI, è un momento veramente favorevole: per islamizzare Europa ed Africa! perché: voi pensate che il numero degli uomoni: può prendere il controllo: e può vincere: in uno scontro con i robot ad intelligenza artificiale? no no, invece! la fine dell’Occidente Ebraico cristiano: sarà la fine dell’ISLAM e la fine di tutto il genere umano: anche!


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Read Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” – on Utube as well.
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